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22 Août

Solving some of these riddles with your students may be a fun, out of the box activity. It engages them in a listening activity while practicing note-taking.

Another idea is to do origami with your students. Having them follow every step may be quite a challenge but such fun.  For students who like to follow step-by-step procedures, this activity is ideal. Origami instructions are very similar to those of a recipe. Here are some examples, but you can find many more on the internet.

Optical illusions are a great hook to get your students talking. Showing some of them to students and getting feedback on what they see is an amazing discussion starter.

For elementary, I Spy books, hidden picture activities, spot the differences activities can also be an awesome way to get your students talking either by doing this in pairs, small clusters or as a whole group.

Finally, using short movies such a Gopher Broke or Lifted can get your students engaged in writing. Have students write dialogues that go with these shorts or write what they think the characters would say if they could talk, etc.

Have a great start to an amazing school year!

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