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16 Août

Who Did It? #Free #Printable Guessing Game And Crime Solving Worksheets    

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9 Mai

Les 3 et 4 mai dernier, les enseignants d’anglais au primaire et au secondaire à la Commission scolaire de Charlevoix ont eu la chance d’assister à 2 jours de formations TIC par Sandra Laine, conseillère pédagogique au RÉCIT national du domaine des langues au sujet du tableau numérique interactif (TNI) et de la tablette tactile en enseignement de l’anglais, langue seconde (ALS). L’arrivée massive des tableaux numériques interactifs (TNI) et des tablettes tactiles dans les classes nous mène sans aucun doute à revoir nos pratiques pédagogiques et à nous poser certaines questions.... 

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9 Mai

Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a non-profit educational foundation supported in part by funding from the Quebec-Canada Entente for Minority Language Education that : offers e-learning services and support to all English school boards, private schools, community organizations and the private sector in rural and urban settings; supports and promotes pedagogical collaboration and innovation using information technology, and works to model best practices; and publishes quality learning materials to support educators who are implementing competency-based practices in the... 

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8 Mai

SPEAQ is a professional association concerned with the teaching of English as a second language in the province of Quebec. The aims and objectives of the association are as follows : to bring together in association those persons engaged or interested in the teaching of English as a second language in Québec; to study, promote, protect and develop the professional, social and economic interests of its members; to facilitate communication among the different levels of teaching of English as a second language in Québec; to facilitate communication between teachers of English as a second language... 

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26 Oct

Sandra Laine gave a follow-up to last year’s amazing training session. So, you have even more apps to explore and use in your ESL classroom. Just click the following link to access the workshop documents Day 2 Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom.    

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16 Fév

You can access the Web Tools for ESL teachers presented at our CS last year by the RÉCIT national du domaine des langues at  

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16 Fév

Sandra Laine (Récit national du domaine des langues) gave a very interesting workshop on tablets in the ESL classroom. Click here to access the workshop documents. You can also go on the edtechteacher website and use their app finder. It seems that the option “I want to find apps by learning activity” is more useful to teachers than the other option. Kahoot is a great way to create quizzes and tests while bringing fun into the classroom since it is web-based you can use it with tablets or with a computer. Check it out at  

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