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17 Fév

Here are a few colourful posters for personal pronouns and homophones. All pictures comes from Clipart or Pixabay. ELEMPOSTERS  

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16 Fév

You can access the Web Tools for ESL teachers presented at our CS last year by the RÉCIT national du domaine des langues at  

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16 Fév

Sandra Laine (Récit national du domaine des langues) gave a very interesting workshop on tablets in the ESL classroom. Click here to access the workshop documents. You can also go on the edtechteacher website and use their app finder. It seems that the option “I want to find apps by learning activity” is more useful to teachers than the other option. Kahoot is a great way to create quizzes and tests while bringing fun into the classroom since it is web-based you can use it with tablets or with a computer. Check it out at  

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16 Fév

23 books are available to you in English on the CS library website. Go check them out!      

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30 Jan

Arsty Boys and Smelly Girls by Elise Gravel. Elise Gravel is an author from Montreal who has written many hilarious books. She offered this freebie this year. Click on the link to access the free PDF book. artsyboys You can also check out her website:    

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12 Jan

Welcome, my name is Sophie Bernier. I am an educational consultant at the CS de Charlevoix . This site is designed for sharing ideas and resources related to ESL. I hope you find what you are looking for. Enjoy!    

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